Slugs Giving Back

How do I volunteer?

The best facet of volunteering is that anyone can do it, in anyway they find helpful. Do you like working with kids? Volunteer at a school or library. Do you like working with animals? Volunteer at your local food bank like the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz. Or, if you are inclined, join one of our Volunteer Service Days!

What are Volunteer Service Days?

Volunteer Service Days are organized events that give you the chance to help your local community. With events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Silicon Valley, and Santa Cruz we aim to provied plenty of opportunities to give your time to the place you call home. Check our Events page for upcoming Service Days.

Okay I have volunteered now what do I do?

You log your hours! To log your hours to count towards your 50 hours of volunteer service for 50 years of UC Santa Cruz visit this page. Once there, craft a log-in that you will use everytime you volunteer. From there just fill out the form to log your hours.

Together we can create a volunteer culture here at UC Santa Cruz!

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